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Copyright Fees

The basic fees for copyright registration are as follows, $35 for an online registration for a basic claim, $50 if registration is submitted via Form CO which uses a bar code scanner and $65 for a registration submitted via regular mail.

The copyright office charges a fee to record documents pertaining to copyright, such as a transfer of copyright, license, etc. The fee to record a document of any length including no more than one title is $105. Additional titles are $30 for each group of 10 or fewer titles. Additional transfers in a document are billed at $105 each.

The copyright office also charges a fee if a person requests a staff member to search copyright records. To give a search estimate, the fee is $115, and then an hourly search fee of $165 is applied.

The Copyright Office charges a fee for locating or retrieving records, providing additional certificates of registration, or certifying copyright records. The hourly fee to locate or retrieve Copyright Office records is $165. The fee to locate or retrieve electronic records is $41.25 for each quarter hour, with a half-hour minimum charge. Additional certificates of registration are $35 each. The charge for certifying a record is $165.

Unpublished works that are being prepared for commercial distribution and that fall within certain classes of works are eligible for preregistration on Form PRE, which is available only on the Copyright Office website. The fee for preregistration is $115.


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