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Patent Terminology

Patent Exhaustion:

Patent exhaustion is also known as the first sale doctrine. It is one of the most significant limits on the rights of inventors in patent law.  The patent exhaustion doctrine states that the patent holders exclusive rights extend only so far as the first sale of the patented invention.  Thus, the patentee has the exclusive right to sell or offer to sell his invention.  However, once the invention is sold, the patentee does not have the right to prevent the buyer from reselling or offering to resell the invention.

Final Rejection:

A final rejection is the final office action issued on a patent application and is intended to end prosecution on the claim.  However, final rejection is rarely ever final.  The patent applicant has the option of making filing a continuation, which is essentially a new version of the patent application that may retain the initial filing date. If the applicant does not think a continuation would lead to successful patent prosecution, the applicant can appeal the rejection to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.

WIPO is the acronym for the World Intellectual Property Organization. WIPO works toward developing an international intellectual property system. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is a special agency of the United Nations. WIPO was established in 1967 and works under the cooperation of 184 member states, including U.S. WIPO is organized into assemblies, committees, and working groups which decide the direction of the organization. WIPO administers international treaties concerning IP and works with member nations to develop domestic IP laws.

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